cheese olives meats all on a cheese board on a wooden table with people picking at it with forks


The ultimate experience for foodies begins with a private helicopter flight from Manhattan to distant corners of Upstate New York, a vast and diverse region and agricultural powerhouse. With hundreds of family-run farms, historic wineries, breweries and distilleries Upstate New York and specifically the Hudson Valley are one of America’s oldest and most significant food producing regions.


“The Essence of Upstate New York” experience is available in three variations to suit individual tastes and preferences:


  • “Hudson Valley Libations” begins with a private wine tasting in Germantown, NY followed by visiting a small-batch distillery before a locally sourced, light lunch in Philmont. After lunch you’ll return to Germantown to sample the offerings of a family-run brewery before concluding the day with a smooth helicopter flight back to Manhattan.


  • “Around Roxbury” begins with a locally sourced, delicious lunch at a Korean-inspired cafe in Roxbury, NY followed by stops at a boutique cider apple orchard and artisan farmstead making small-batch cheese. You’ll end the day on a sweet note by visiting an 1870’s cider press and wood-fired sugar house.


  • “Schoharie Valley Tour” begins with a visit to a 200-acre, family-owned vegetable farm making its own vodka followed by a guided tour of a sustainable livestock farm. Lunch is served in a beautiful setting in West Fulton, NY and finished with small-batch hard cider.


Experience is subject to the availability of farms, distilleries and other participants