“I had a flight with Wings Air yesterday, and it was a great experience! Alex was a great administrator and answered all my questions, and set comfortable expectations. Spencer, my flight instructor, was brilliant and gave me great guidance.”

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“I bought a voucher for a scenic trip over NYC. I intended to purchase two vouchers but apparently only purchased one but Wings Air let me buy a second at the discount price after the deal had passed. I also had to reschedule somewhat last-minute and they were very accommodating in letting me do so. A great flight and amazing views down over southern CT and downtown NYC. The pilot was wonderful – the friend who went with me is a pilot as well and he said the Wings Air fellow did a remarkable job. Very friendly too.”

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“A huge thank you today to Anthony Ianni who did our ground instruction. This was a long held dream for my husband, Charles Wellcome, to pilot a helicopter. He definitely can’t wait to go again and your love for this, Anthony, was obvious, infectious and exhilarating and made it fun for both of us!”

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“I have been to Wings Air twice…and can’t wait to go back! I had a coupon both times for an introductory flight to fly a helicopter. Both times the instructors were very friendly and personable. We had a choice of which direction we wanted to fly. North, South, East, or West. I chose West the first time (to the Tappan Zee Bridge and up the Hudson) and East the second time (to the Long Island Sound area) it was breathtaking! The views alone were worth it but to actually take he controls and FLY! It’s an experience I will never forget….and I don’t have to because I have HD video of the flights!”

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“Professional flight school; great instructors. (…) I had a positive experience training there. Good option for suburban NY.”

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