Helicopter charters New York and beyond are changing the way people get from one place to another. Stop stressing about your daily commute, missing your flight or an important meeting. Skip traffic and fly with the best charter helicopter service New York has to offer.


As our guest, rest assured that you will be flying in the safest, most modern charter helicopters in New York. Our fleet is second to none, with pilots boasting years of flight training from some of the best aviation schools around the globe. We have been flying safely since our inception in 2002 and hold multiple safety ratings and awards, including ARGUS Gold and Wyvern. We guarantee a superior and confidential customer experience from start to finish.


We service not only the New York area, but all major cities and popular destinations in the Northeast USA including helicopter charters to the Hamptons, Atlantic City, and more.


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Whether you would like to fly to your alternate home, need anyone (critical employees, family members, etc.) or anything delivered (medicine, food/groceries, documents, etc.) quickly, we are here to help and can provide seamless door to door service. Our AStar and Twin Star helicopters can be outfitted with an exterior cargo basket to expand storage capacity. Our helicopter charter service is generally available for pickups anywhere in the Northeast within 2-4 hours of first notification.

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As a leading helicopter company in New York, we assist our clients with all of their travel needs, may it be for business or leisure. Our flight specialists can handle a wide variety of special requests including ground transportation, luggage transfers, photography and catering. We partner with only the best local service providers to provide you with the highest quality experience available. In addition, we offer our clients access to the world’s finest commercial and luxury private jet charter services to meet all travel needs. From turbo props to heavy commercial aircraft, we can source nearly any type of aircraft almost anywhere in the world. Wings Air is here to represent you and/or your company with whatever service you need, whenever you need it. A knowledgeable flight specialist will assist you in booking your jet charter or helicopter charter until the completion of your trip.


Thanks to a trusted operator partner network we can fulfill helicopter requests in the following areas:


  • Atlanta
  • South Florida
  • Chicago
  • Las Vegas
  • Los Angeles

Do you feel like you spend half of your day in traffic? Save those precious hours for the finer things in life by commuting between your home and office by helicopter. Wholesale helicopter flight time is the best solution for frequent flights. Purchase all your flights in advance at a discounted rate and enjoy priority over anyone else, a real advantage during the summer the peak season. We offer flexible scheduling and minimal paperwork as compared to booking individual trips. Wholesale helicopter time is valid for 18 months from purchase and can be used on any helicopter route in the Northeast serviced by Wings Air Helicopters. We also offer you the benefits of our many partnerships with luxury service providers so you can use your hours in many fun and exciting ways.

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