Helicopter aerial surveying has proven to be a viable, if not superior, alternative to ground mapping and surveying. Aerial surveying can be utilized for scientific, biological, utility, infrastructure, construction, and census surveys as well as data gathering and more. Wings Air helicopters and our esteemed crew of pilots have the flight training and equipment needed for any project. Aerial surveying provides more than typical ground surveying can.
A helicopter is able to fly much lower and much more slowly than a fixed wing aircraft, making it the ideal craft for aerial surveying. The FAA requires fixed aircraft to fly at least 1,000 feet above the highest obstacle, but helicopters can fly at a much lower altitude. Helicopters are also able to inspect troublesome or dangerous zones, giving engineers a point of view that is otherwise unattainable. Vertical accuracy for helicopter surveying can achieve +/-0.05 feet.
Helicopters provide a safer surveying option in densely populated, high-traffic areas, reducing ground area interruptions and eliminating risks to field surveyors and civilians. Helicopters are also able to safely survey areas containing hazardous waste or toxic chemicals.
Aerial surveying makes it possible to do pre-inspections, saving hours of man power and hundreds, thousands, or even millions of dollars for some high-profile industries. Time is money, which makes the speed of helicopter surveying extremely cost-effective. Aside from that, the Robinson helicopters New York based Wings Air provides have lower operational costs than turbine powered aircrafts.

Helicopter aerial surveying offers a perspective that other methods simply cannot. Using advanced equipment and cameras, Wings Air helicopters provides aerial photography and aerial film production unlike any other surveying vessel available.

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