Helicopter Photo Flights – The Ultimate New York Photography Experience

New York is undoubtedly one of the most exciting places on Earth from a photographic standpoint. The near-perfect symmetry of Manhattan can really only be appreciated from hundreds of feet off the ground. Our helicopter pilots have countless hours of aerial photography experience in the congested New York airspace to capture the most unique and desired angles for any project.

We work with photographers one-on-one to produce high-quality aerial images of anything from commercial buildings to private residences, golf courses and other structures. All of our helicopters are available for private aerial photography flights to meet unique demands and budgets. No project is too big or too small! We can also help if you’re looking for a specialized aerial photographer.


NYC Aerial Photography Flights – Departing from Westchester

For aerial photography we most often use our Robinson R44 Raven II helicopter that can carry 2-3 passengers and the pilot depending on weights. If you are new to aerial photography and not sure where to start, we can pair you up with a seasoned aerial photography professional to guide you for an additional fee. You will learn lens settings, shooting angles and more while flying over iconic Manhattan landmarks.

We do most of our aerial photography flights from our Westchester Airport location, an approximately 15-minute helicopter flight from Midtown Manhattan. NYC aerial photography flights are usually one hour long, however, longer flights can be booked upon request. Helicopter doors are removed for unobstructed views. We also offer private aerial photography flights departing from the Midtown Manhattan heliports but due to helicopter repositioning and landing fees the cost is significantly higher than flying from Westchester.

Roundtrip hotel transfers are available between Manhattan and Westchester for additional fee. If selected, our driver will collect you from your hotel or residence anywhere in Manhattan, wait while you’re flying and drive you back to Manhattan as well. Our Westchester location is quiet, crowd-free and easily accessible by the Metro-North train from Grand Central Terminal to White Plains station then a quick taxi ride. Total travel time approximately 45-60 minutes. Train schedules here.

Private NYC aerial photography flights are available 7 days a week including Sundays, upon request. Additional fees apply outside normal hours. For more information about NYC aerial photography flights, please contact a flight specialist toll-free at (866) 445-5434 or send us an email.


Instagram Photo Flights over NYC

If you are on a tight budget and not looking for a private aerial photography flight, you have the option to purchase individual seats on shared Instagram photo flights and flying together with other photographers. Our experienced helicopter pilots will create a flight plan that works for everyone, covering the most photographed New York landmarks.  This option requires a 2-person minimum to operate.

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We are Wyvern registered and have been flying safely since our inception in 2002. In order to ensure continued flying safety, all passengers must receive a safety briefing prior to takeoff. The safety briefing covers important emergency procedures and the proper use of life vests and seat belts.  All smartphones and cameras must be secured by neck straps or wrist straps. Loose items must be stowed in the hold or the under-the-seat compartments. The DOT and FAA have banned Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones from all aircraft. The use of poles or selfie sticks that could protrude from the aircraft is prohibited. Legs and feet must be kept inside the aircraft at all times. If a passenger is caught with his or her feet dangling outside the aircraft, their flight will be aborted immediately with no refund and subject to an additional penalty of $250 per person.


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