Helicopter Aerial Surveys

Helicopter aerial surveys have proven to be a viable, if not superior, alternative to ground mapping and surveying. Aerial surveying can be utilized for scientific, biological, utility, infrastructure, construction, data gathering and more. Helicopters are also able to inspect troublesome or dangerous zones, especially in remote, hard-to-reach areas, giving engineers a point of view that is otherwise unattainable. With a company-owned fleet including single and twin engine helicopters, we are well equipped for the challenges of aerial surveying.



We work with surveying and mapping firms to fly their data-gathering systems to help solve complex engineering challenges. Our Meeker helicopter mounts are compatible with most data acquisition systems, such as LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging). We have safely and successfully conducted numerous LiDAR aerial surveys for various industries, including utility, construction, and others, throughout the Northeast United States.

Video courtesy of Colliers Engineering



Helicopters can access remote locations that ground-based methods may not be able to survey, which is especially important for studying wildlife populations in areas with rugged terrain, dense forests, or wetlands. By using helicopters, researchers can collect data from these previously inaccessible habitats, providing a more thorough understanding of the distribution and health of animal populations. Our Airbus AS350 and AS355 helicopters offer superior performance in all temperatures, stability, and outstanding visibility for surveyors.



Helicopters can cover large distances quickly and access hard-to-reach areas, providing a bird’s eye view of the entire network and allowing for timely detection of potential problems. Our ability to conduct routine and emergency utility system patrols anywhere in the Northeast United States on short notice helps reduce downtime and save companies precious man hours. Our Airbus helicopters can be equipped with our Shotover F1 aerial camera upon request to produce high quality aerial imagery.

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