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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Where is your hangar located?

Our helicopter base is located at Ross Aviation West, 67 Tower Road, Harrison, NY 10604 within Westchester County Airport. The airport can easily be accessed by car (parking is free) or by the Metro-North railroad (Harlem Line) from Grand Central Terminal (get off at White Plains station).

Do you fly everyday?

Yes, weather and aircraft maintenance permitting except for Thanksgiving Day Christmas Day. Operations are limited to charter only on New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day.

Can you fly in less-than-perfect weather?

Yes as long as it’s safe. Weather decisions are made solely by the Pilot In Command.

Can i book flights online?

Yes, but online bookings are requests only and not automatically confirmed. You can request a date and time from the online calendar but we reserve the right to confirm or deny it.

What is your cancellation policy?

How can I pay for your service?

We accept cash and all major credit cards including AMEX for a small fee. We also accept wire transfers and ACH payments.

Is Wings Air wheelchair accessible?

Yes, wheelchair bound passengers are helped (lifted) into helicopters by ground personnel. Oxygen tanks are not permitted on board for safety reasons.

Can I fly if I'm pregnant?

It depends on how you’re feeling. If you’re generally not prone to motion sickness, you should be ok, but please check with your doctor first.

Do you offer gift certificates?

Yes. Gift certificates are sent via email in a printable PDF format and are valid for one year. We do not offer plastic gift cards.

I'm planning a surprise for a loved one. Can you help?

We love surprises and will do our best to bring even the most unusual ideas to life. Ask to speak with a member of our team and we’ll take it from there.


How far can you helicopters fly?

Our helicopter charter service area covers the Northeast USA from approx. Washington D.C. to Vermont. We can also operate flights in Canada thanks to our NAFTA Waiver. Helicopters can fly approximately 200-250 miles before fuel stops are required.

Do you offer private jet charters?

Yes, we can provide our clients with chartered jets through our trusted partners.

Do you offer shared charter flights?

We do not offer individual seats for sale on helicopter charters. Chartering with us provides you with the convenience of a private flight suited to your schedule.

How much in advance do I need to book a charter?

We generally need at least 2 hours notice for charters depending on the day’s schedule. We recommend booking 2-3 days in advance, especially in the peak summer season. We may be able to assist with same-day requests if there is availability.

How do I book a charter?

Charters can be booked by completing and signing an electronic booking form that is emailed to you by your Wings Air charter representative. On this document, you’ll have to fill out passenger information and sign electronically. Your charter will be confirmed once we receive the signed form back with payment.

How much luggage can I take?

Each helicopter has space and weight limitations that must be adhered to for safe operation. Depending on the number of passengers and the size of the aircraft multiple carry-on bags or small suitcases are OK. Large suitcases and oversized items may need to be transported separately on the ground. Your charter representative can help arrange luggage transfer if needed.

What if my flight is cancelled due to bad weather?

If the weather is not flyable and you’re not able to reschedule for another day, your charter rep will be happy to arrange a car for you to get you to your destination. Charters cancelled due to weather are fully refundable.

Can helicopters land on rooftops in New York City?

Unfortunately, rooftop landings in New York City are illegal. There are three heliports in Manhattan open to the general public: West 30th Street Heliport, East 34th Street Heliport, and Downtown Manhattan/Wall Street Heliport.

Scenic Tours

Where do your tours depart from?

Most of our tour flights depart from our base at Westchester County Airport in White Plains, NY and fly over Manhattan (to the south) or the Hudson Valley (to the north). The advantage of this location is the lower cost and the lack of crowds or visitor lines. We also offer private sightseeing charters upon request from the Midtown Manhattan heliports.

What is the difference between group and private tours?

Shared tours are typically done on our larger helicopters with 4-6 passengers, so you’ll be flying with other people. Shared tours require a minimum of 2 passengers to operate. On private tours it’s just you, your guest(s) and the pilot.

Is there an age limit for tour flights?

All ages are welcome on tours. Children younger than 2 years may ride on their parent’s lap if deemed safe by the Pilot In Command. Anyone aged 2 years or older must sit in their own seat.

Do you offer lower pricing for children?

Children younger than 2 years fly for free if they safely fit on the parent’s lap.

When are tours available?

Tours are available between 10 AM and 8:30 PM daily, weather and maintenance permitting. Reservations are required.

Can you fly groups?

Yes, we have multiple helicopters.

Can I bring my camera with me on tour flights?

Yes, but picture taking on the ground is restricted. Airport security prohibits photos taken by passengers on airport property such as the hangars, ramp area and any airplanes parked nearby. You will be able to take a photo in front of the helicopter you’re flying in. Once you’re seated inside the helicopter there is no limit on pictures or videos. Airplane mode is not necessary.

What is the seating like in the helicopter?

In our large turbine helicopters typically 1 or 2 people sit on the front next to the pilot and 3 or 4 people sit in the back. In our smaller Robinson R44 helicopters 1 person sits on the front and 2 people sit in the back. All seats are forward-facing and thanks to the large windows visibility is great from every angle. There is no panel separating the front and back rows, allowing for unobstructed views. Passengers can communicate with one another and the pilot through noise-canceling headsets.

What should I wear for a helicopter tour?

Anything comfortable but not too loose is OK. Avoid long scarves and hats that can fly away around spinning rotors. Dress for the season but please note there is heat and air conditioning inside the helicopters. If you booked an open door flight, please dress warmer than usual, as it’s much colder at altitude than on the ground.

Flight Training

I want to become a helicopter pilot. What is the first step?

The first step towards your goal is to take an introductory flight lesson. This experience gives you a feel for what it’s like piloting a helicopter before you commit your time and resources to it. Once you decide to move forward, you’ll have to supply certain documents and pass a medical examination.

What type of helicopter is used for flight training?

Our flight training operations are conducted in the R44 helicopter. Wings Air no longer uses the S300 (Schweizer), Robinson R22 or Guimbal Cabri G2 models.

How long does it take to get a pilot's license?

 It depends on how frequently you can take lessons. The more often you attend, the faster you’ll get it done. The typical timeframe for obtaining a private license is 6 months to one year.

What is the cost of flight training?

The average cost of a private pilot’s license on the Robinson R44 helicopter is $35,000.

Do you accept the GI Bill?

Unfortunately we do not. Wings Air is currently a Part 61 flight school where training is conducted one-on-one. In order for us to accept the GI Bill, we’d have to become a Part 141 school where training is conducted in a classroom setting.

How can I pay for my flight lessons?

We accept major credit cards, checks and cash. We also offer financing through Paypal Credit and Pilot Finance Inc. To save money on your training, consider purchasing flight time in bulk (25- and 50-hour blocks available). 

Is there an age restriction for helicopter flight lessons?

The recommended minimum age for flight lessons is 14 years (parental consent needed). You have to be at least 17 years old to take your practical test (checkride) but you can definitely start training earlier. There is no age maximum for flight lessons, however, if you decide to pursue flight training, you’ll have to pass a medical examination.

Can I ride along as a passenger on flight lessons?

Yes if weight limitations allow it. Riding along to watch your loved one flying the helicopter is optional and an additional passenger fee applies.

Aerial Photography And Film Production

What types of projects can Wings Air take on?

We can help you with anything from local aerial photography projects to commercial movie production. Check out our film credits!

What type of helicopter is used for aerial photography and film production?

Wings Air owns and operates multiple helicopters. Depending on the magnitude of your project you may use one of our Robinson R44 helicopters or one of our larger Airbus helicopters.

Can Wings Air supply photographers and camera equipment?

Yes, we can provide stabilized camera equipment for aerial film production missions as well as photographers, camera operators and other specialized crew upon request. We have our own Shotover F1 camera system. Please speak with a member of our team regarding your unique needs.