Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy

All flights will be conducted at the sole discretion of the Pilot In Command. Wings Air reserves the right to upgrade, alter or terminate any flight due to security, maintenance, weather, acts of God or for any other reason deemed necessary. Flights cancelled due to weather or maintenance may be re-scheduled or refunded, at no extra cost. Cancelled flights must be rescheduled within 90 days of the original booking date but within voucher and gift certificate expiration dates. Shared flights require a minimum of 2 passengers to operate.


Customers canceling more than 48 hours before departure time are subject to a $50 per person fee. No cancellation or changes are allowed less than 48 hours before departure. Cancellations inside 48 hours, no-shows, or late arrivals, forfeit their tickets with no refund. Wings Air reserves the right to cancel flights with no refund if passengers are more than 30 minutes late. Wings Air does not charge a fee for changes, however only two changes are allowed per reservation. Tickets are transferable at customer’s discretion. Weight restrictions apply.


If we are unable to fly due to poor weather conditions, aircraft maintenance or any other reason, we will attempt to contact you at least 1-2 hours before your flight to reschedule your reservation. Weather decisions are made solely by the Pilot in Command. Factors determining weather cancellations: poor visibility, low cloud ceilings, high winds, thunderstorms.


Wings Air is not responsible for passenger belongings lost or left behind.


If you are visiting New York only for a short period of time, we recommend to schedule your flight for the first day(s) of your stay, in case we need to reschedule it for the above reasons. For special occasions, such as birthdays and proposals, please be prepared to have an alternative plan just in case.


For open-door aerial photography flights: All cameras and smartphones must be secured with neck straps or wrist straps. The use of poles or selfie sticks that could protrude from the aircraft is prohibited. Legs and feet must be kept inside the aircraft at all times: anyone violating this important safety rule will be subject to immediate termination of their flight, with no refund, and a penalty of $250.


Door removal is at the sole discretion of the Pilot In Command. Doors will not be removed if it’s less than 30° F (-1° C) outside.


For questions about our cancellation policy, please contact us at (866) 445-5434 or via email.