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Aerial Surveying and Offshore Helicopter Work



Helicopter surveying has proven to be a viable, if not superior, alternative to ground mapping and surveying. Aerial surveying can be utilized for scientific, biological, utility, infrastructure, construction, data gathering and more. Helicopters are also able to inspect troublesome or dangerous zones, especially in remote, hard-to-reach areas, giving engineers a point of view that is otherwise unattainable.

With a company-owned fleet including single and twin engine Airbus AS350 and AS355 helicopters, we are well equipped for the challenges of aerial surveying. Our ability to conduct routine and emergency utility system patrols anywhere in the Northeast on short notice helps reduce downtime and save companies precious man hours.


As an FAA-certified Part 135 operator with an outstanding safety record, our company is the ideal choice for offshore helicopter needs in the Northeast USA. Offshore flying for maintenance and inspection of wind farms and various ship operations are all within the scope of our services. Our Airbus helicopters are well suited for the demands of offshore flying and are available 24/7 on short notice. We can safely transport personnel, supplies or equipment utilizing an exterior cargo basket, a unique feature of our operations.

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