AeroChronicles’ Top Three eVTOL Aircraft

eVTOL and flying car online news site AeroChronicles researched the most innovative designs of electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft models and analyzed their performance. Here are AeroChronicles’ picks for the top three:




Guangzhou-based eVTOL maker EHang (NASDAQ: EH) launched the EH216-S in 2018. The model seats two, features autonomous flight and is an evolution of the EHang 184 prototype debuted in 2016.


The EHang 184 (pictured above, image courtesy of EHang) was the first world’s first autonomous single passenger eVOTL aircraft when it was released. Likewise, the EH216-S became the world’s first eVTOL aircraft to receive a certificate for mass production.


The EH216-S is set to be the model of choice for an air taxi service in EHang’s city of origin. Variants of the eVTOL could also perform logistics, traffic management, forest fire surveillance, 3D modeling, video news reporting, and aerial mapping in several cities in China.




Image courtesy of Lilium


The first pilot-less flight of the Lilium Jet took place May 2019 following various small-scale models and a roadable prototype. Unlike a significant amount of eVTOLs proposed for market, the Lilium Jet is powered by electric jet engines.


The departure from props and its overall design gives the eVTOL a more efficient cruising capability. As a result, Lilium (NASDAQ: LILM) is focusing on providing longer, regional flights instead of shorter trips across metropolitan areas.


The company plans to earn production certifications from the European Union Aviation Safety Agency and US Federal Aviation Administration by 2026. Lilium has already secured its first eVTOL orders and will deliver the first Lilium Jet production models by 2026.

In the US, Lilium named Florida as one of its first markets to receive regional air service via a planned vertiport within Orlando International Airport (MCO). The company is also part of the EU Future Mobility Taskforce, which aims to connect member companies to the European Union’s strategic transportation goals.


Lilium will unveil the first full-scale model of the Lilium Jet at EBACE 2024, taking place May 28-30 in Geneva, Switzerland.



Archer Midnight


Image courtesy of Archer Aviation


California-based eVTOL maker Archer Aviation (NYSE: ACHR) unveiled its flagship eVTOL in November 2022 during a launch event. Midnight is the company’s second eVTOL model and follows Archer Aviation’s demonstrator prototype eVTOL named Maker.


Archer Aviation aims to achieve a type certification from the FAA by 2025 alongside planned operations in Abu Dhabi. The company announced last month that it had signed a “multihundred-million dollar” agreement with the United Arab Emirates capital city.


The agreement covers “vertiport construction … air taxi operations … in-country manufacturing of Archer’s Midnight aircraft” and workforce support.


The company is nearly halfway through its fifth year of flight testing, with Midnight entering its second phase of testing. The aircraft will have to complete a full-length test flight near the aircraft’s top speed.


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