How to Spot Fraud on Yacht Selling Websites

Now you can buy almost anything online. You just need to find a great website and buy whatever you need, be it a car, a nice pair of shoes, or even a yacht. Since the time everyone found out that buying online is a lifesaver, scammers started taking advantage.  


Everyone, unfortunately, thinks that they’re never going to fall prey to scams. However, no matter what your age is, whether you’re young or mature, if you are not careful, scammers can easily get you. If you’re going to sell or buy a yacht on a website, you better become familiar with what sorts of scams you can come across.  


More often than not people who want to have a great yacht experience tend to rent yachts. It takes the burden of maintenance off their shoulders. In particular, many travelers see it as a great pastime during their vacations. In such countries like the UAE, anyone can choose a yacht for rent in Dubai for their event or celebration.  


However, if you need to buy or sell a yacht online, you need to be well-versed in how to spot fraud. Even the most trustworthy selling platforms can be full of attackers who wait for another windfall. We’ll cover what you need to know and notice on yacht-selling websites.  


Ways to spot fraudster activities  


A knock-down price or a deal that’s too good to be true  


Let’s say you want to buy a yacht. Surely, you have a particular yacht in mind. You’ll be looking for the most tempting offer that a seller can make. After researching different selling websites, you’ll know the retail price of the model and make you’re looking for.  


You can come across a listing that will have a knock-down price, way cheaper than other listings. That’s the 1st red flag that should warn you. Why would some sellers want to get a way lower profit when the retail price is common knowledge? If the yacht is not used, there’s no way the seller just wants to get rid of it faster. Do not let your desire to buy a yacht distract you. In such a situation, you can give away your money and not get a yacht at all.  


Request for sensitive information  


In the middle of your deal with a seller when you’re halfway to getting your new yacht, you may get a request for sensitive information. It can be a call from some “bank”, or an email from the platform you are using to disclose your personal information, give details about your bank accounts, or anything else that concerns confidential data.  


Learn one thing – never respond to such requests. One mistake and you can say goodbye to all the money you have in your bank account. If there’s a call or an email from some institution or service, you should find their official contact details and contact them to ask about the request you got. One such call can set things straight. Moreover, never click on links in your emails, because it can be a kind of malware. 


Asking for any payments before even seeing a yacht  


If scammers get you on the hook, they can start asking for payment even before you see the yacht yourself. They can ask for a downpayment which will be a reason not to look for another buyer. They can also ask to pay the shipping fees or something like that. That’s not what a proper deal looks like.  


In the modern world, a downpayment is reasonable when you order certain services. For instance, if you want to use buggy rental UAE, it might be obligatory to pay for the service in advance. In this case, you know what you are paying for. However, in the case of buying a yacht, there will be no talk about any payments before you see the yacht and meet the seller personally. Scammers will never meet with you in person.  


They can get pushy and say that if there’s no downpayment, there’s no guarantee that the yacht will not be sold. Keep calm and make any purchasing decision only after meeting with a seller and seeing the product.  




Online purchases can be lifesavers. Now you can even buy a yacht on many reputable websites. However, the web is full of scammers. You may not even notice that in the process of buying a yacht, some scammer took advantage of you and your wallet. Always stay tuned on scamming schemes and don’t make hasty decisions.