Amazing Travel Ideas You Should Put On Your Bucket List

We only have one chance at this life, a limited amount of hours we can spend living and breathing until the final day arrives. Some people view this as a bad thing, but it sure isn’t good when you see someone else’s final day come. And yet, when we think about our own lives, some of us view this one chance as something romantic. The fact that we have limited time in this world makes the things around us have a higher value because there isn’t going back.


Some view it completely opposite, thinking our mortality makes everything around us pointless. However, most people can agree that traveling the world and seeing what it has to offer is one of the most beautiful things in life. Traveling is important to us, it is in our bodies, and we are mad to be travelers and see this world. It is important to view as much of this world as we can, and with these bucket list ideas, you will make your traveling much more exciting.

Travel in style

Traveling on a budget is always challenging and many can agree, it is not always pleasant. This is why sailing on the Dewata Yacht or taking a jet somewhere should be on your bucket list. Traveling in style and luxury is also a part of the experience of traveling the world. You should experience these luxuries at least once before your final breath.


Traveling alone or with someone you hold dear in a luxurious manner is sure one way to make long-lasting memories. These trips might be expensive, but they come with a lot of things included. The food and drinks are always impeccable and the convenience is something you will never forget from these luxurious trips.

Spontaneous travel day

Traveling usually requires a lot of planning beforehand and a lot of preparation. This is why you should try traveling once without any planning or preparation, just go out there and see the world. One day, you need to say I am sick and tired of this world and just get a ticket to somewhere. This is an experience you do not want to miss out on, this is the true expression of freedom.


The best things in life are usually the things we do not plan, it is the things we can’t imagine and predict. These spontaneous trips are one such experience that you just can’t predict. If you get the urge or a feeling to do this, you should follow your feelings and just do it spontaneously. No planning, no preparation, just pack your stuff and buy a ticket, give in to the flow.

Visit the Balkans

When people think about visiting the world and traveling, they usually think about the most tourist attractions. Or some people will say the polar opposite, why not visit the least touristy attractions just because they are not touristy at all. The Balkans is one region that comes somewhere in between, and it is additionally in a grey area due to a lack of understanding of the region.


If you truly want to see something unique and have an experience you will always remember, you should come and visit the Balkans. A lot of people keep saying that it is a hostile region that is filled with war, yet all of those people have never been to the Balkans. This region has a very complex past, and with many other regions in similar situations, you should always see it for yourself. 

Different foods

Every region has its own local cuisine, and you should always do a taste test of its local cuisine. It is always easy to go to a popular fast food venue and just eat the things you are used to eating, but that is boring. Your bucket list should contain a challenge to try as many different foods as possible.


There are countless dishes that can be made and you should give them a try, even if they seem disgusting. You will try some things that you probably won’t like, but you will also encounter delicious foods out of this world. The important thing is to stay open-minded and try something that you may never have the chance to try again.

Different people

The same logic from the previous point on your bucket list applies to this point. You should always talk to different people and talk to locals in the areas that you visit. Do not stick only with the people you are familiar with, try to understand the region through the eyes of the locals. They are the ones that understand this city, this country the best because they live there.


You will always find something new and some new thoughts that would never come to your mind if it were not for them. The point of living this life is to challenge the reality of your surroundings and ask the right questions. You can’t live this life properly if you don’t try to view life from a different perspective, through someone else’s eyes.

Travel the world with someone special

The best way to travel and see the world is by doing it with someone special by your side. Doing this alone is something usually deemed a powerful deed, an experience you need to feel alone. However, almost everyone realizes at some point that they need someone else by their side, and that is completely normal and you should embrace this fact.



Even though we may never find the meaning of life, we can always enjoy the moments while we can and make the most out of time. Life doesn’t need to have some special meaning, and life is not certainly like they present it in some movies. Only a few can become millionaires and act like usual movie protagonists.


However, life is much more complex than that and there is much more to life than chasing dollar bills. The reason why a bucket list is such a popular concept is just that, there are things in life that all of us value differently. It is important to find what you value the most in your life, and not seek what others regard valuable.