The view of the city from one of the best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC

A Guide to the Best Aerial Sightseeing Tours in NYC

In order to really get to know a city, walking its streets is just not enough. You need to take in its scenery from the air, too! As such, we put together a guide to the best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC for you to peruse.


The New York City: Scenic Helicopter Tour & Airport Transfer

To start off our list of the best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC, we have the tour which not only shows off some of the city’s best features but also gets you where you need to go. The pick up for this tour can happen from any of the major New York airports, and your journey’s endpoint will be one of Manhattan’s many heliports. Now, note that this means that you won’t get a ride straight to your hotel if you opt into this tour on arrival in the city! However, if you choose to be picked up from one of the heliports, you can finish up your trip at one of the airports, and then take the trip home from there. So, you need to be smart about planning a successful adventure trip!



The New York City: Helicopter Sightseeing Charter with Champagne

If you want to enjoy one of the best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC in style, then this is the pick for you! Whether you want to opt in for a couple’s package or bring your entire family along, there’s something special about sipping on champagne while taking in the beauty of the city. Just remember to look into short term storage for your belongings or consider finding a temporary solution of some type, in order to properly enjoy the luxurious atmosphere of this tour. A guide also narrates the tour, so you can glean interesting insights into the city.


The Hudson Valley Fall Foliage Shared Helicopter Tour

One of the most beautiful options on our list and undoubtedly one of the best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC is the Hudson Valley Fall Foliage tour. There is something special about enjoying an aerial tour experience when the entire area is dressed in the stunning colors of fall. Of course, while the tour prioritizes the best possible view of fall colors, landmarks feature prominently in it. And you also get the benefit of a professional and friendly pilot who can easily narrate your trip in order to offer more in-depth facts about the sights you are enjoying.


The tour setting off From Westchester: Private NYC Helicopter Tour for 6 People

We mentioned narration already, but if you are really looking to get to know the city, then this tour is the best option. This is one of the most thorough tours on our list, both in the sense of locations visited and in the details your pilot will share about the sights. So, if you are still undecided about the city and are hesitating on whether you want to make it your home, this can be what settles the matter for you! With six slots available, you can also bring along your entire family to experience the city with you.


The New York City: Romantic Helicopter Proposal

If you are wondering how best to pop the question and finally get engaged to your significant other, then we have a perfect option for you! With the Romantic Helicopter Proposal tour, you can make precious memories in a truly unique fashion. The tour comes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and champagne to either celebrate or prepare yourself for the big question. The highlight of the entire experience is the illuminated ‘Marry Me’ sign unveiled at the end of the flight as the helicopter lands. You are, of course, free to make your move before, during, or after the tour. But, for the best effect, we recommend taking full advantage of the romantic moment the sign offers. You can also take immediate advantage of the city’s many services, such as 24/7 movers, to start planning your life together since you can always reach out to experts in NYC!


NYC at night


The tour setting off From Westchester: NYC Private Helicopter Tour for Couples

Another option for lovebirds is the NYC Private Helicopter Tour for Couples. This tour departs from and arrives at Westchester County Airport in White Plains. Unless, of course, you opt in for roundtrip transfers from anywhere in Manhattan, which makes it more easily accessible. You can bask in a romantic atmosphere far from the hustle and bustle of the city, soaring with your significant other. Take in the view of Central Park, the Manhattan Skyline and more! 



The Private Fall Foliage Helicopter Tour of the Hudson Valley

The final entry on our list of best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC and another option for fall lovers is the Private Fall Foliage Helicopter Tour of the Hudson Valley. The tour itself is, naturally, very similar to the other option we mentioned. However, what’s completely different is the atmosphere of the tour itself! There is a vast difference between purchasing one or two spots on a tour and going on it with strangers compared to the experience you get when you are on a private tour. You can fully appreciate the beauty of fall in the Hudson Valley, and take in the experience either alone or with one person of your choice.


Picking your ideal aerial tour of NYC

With a guide to the best aerial sightseeing tours in NYC, you can pick out the one that calls out to you the most! Whether you value narration, comfort, or a specific atmosphere such as fall color viewing, you’ll be able to find something that appeals to you. So, don’t hesitate and learn more about the charms of New York City!