5-Item Checklist To Prepare For Your Next Long Road Trip

Going on a long road trip is always fun and exciting. It’s a highly amusing way of getting from one destination to another while enjoying the beautiful scenery. Although it presents some challenges and inconveniences, taking a road trip offers an experience that you’ll never forget. To assist you in planning your next long road trip, we created a list of items you may want to bring:


1. Roadside Emergency Kit

If you’re going to take your car on a long road trip, you must bring one of these. If you don’t already have one, now is the time to buy your roadside emergency kit. They are handy and affordable while ensuring you and your vehicle’s safety on the road. 


Avoid taking a long drive without bringing a car emergency kit with you. You never know what can happen, and things like paintless dent repair, emergency hammer, and jumper cables can really go a long way in saving you from trouble or even save your life.


2. First Aid Kit

Having a first-aid kit on hand is essential when traveling on a road trip. A comprehensive kit will help you in case of an emergency and help you prepare for unforeseen situations.

Depending on the trip and your health needs, the contents of a first aid kit can vary substantially. It’s best to take a few medications with you. While packing a first aid kit for a road trip, include basic supplies. Depending on where you’re going, you may not need all of these items, but it’s still a good idea to have them. Some of these supplies are available at your local drug store. The basic first aid kit should contain tweezers, sterile gauze pads, antiseptic, and a thermometer.


Besides the basic medications, you should also carry anti-itch creams and pain relievers. It’s important to keep a first aid kit on hand because you’re not likely to have access to the nearest hospital.


Luckily, you won’t have to use this kit most of the time. But if you’re in the middle of nowhere, a first aid kit is a godsend!


3. Spare Tire

You know how important a spare tire is if you’ve ever gone on a road trip. So, before going on a road trip, make sure your spare tire is in good condition. Although your original tire may be fine, you need to make sure it’s in good condition before hitting the road. 


A flat tire can be highly inconvenient and frustrating, especially if you’re in the middle of nowhere. You should also invest in a high-quality tire jack and lug wrench. These tools will ensure that you can change a tire in an emergency. The jack and lug wrench is essential when changing a flat tire.


4. Windshield Shade

If you’re planning a road trip, investing in a windshield shade is crucial. This is true, especially if your vehicle is not yet tinted. If your car doesn’t have a window tint, then now is the right time for you to get it. 


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The heat emitted by the sun can be very uncomfortable, making driving a challenging experience, especially during summer. A sunshade can prevent this by providing a shield from the heat—an excellent way to protect your vehicle from the effects of excessive heat and UV rays. 


It’s also worth considering other benefits of a windshield, such as protecting your interior. They can prevent your dashboard, console, and upholstery from fading and cracking.


5. Snacks

When going on a road trip, it’s crucial to pack plenty of healthy snacks.  However, make sure you choose healthy, natural snacks, as those filled with sugar won’t give you the energy you need. 


For healthy snacks, try to avoid processed foods. Fruit is a great choice as it’s full of nutrients and is a cheap option. Dried fruit is a great choice for snacks, as it doesn’t require refrigeration. Dried fruits also tend to stay fresh for weeks or months. Apples, bananas, and grapes also travel well. If you’re planning a road trip, bring plenty of nuts. They are easy to carry and filling.



Compared to typical vacations, long road trips are more adventurous. You get to see a lot of beautiful scenery along the way as you travel to your destination. Also, besides staying in a hotel after a long trip, a villa can be a good option, providing you with a more personalized experience. Just make sure you bring along the items above to help prepare you for the unexpected when on the road.