An Insider’s Guide to New York’s Most Popular Attractions

New York has become a popular tourist destination for families, friends and couples. People are traveling to New York to tour the popular attractions and others to reside in the area. New York is known internationally for marvelous restaurants, nightclubs and great shopping malls. When planning to move to New York, you need to hire professional NYC movers to handle the process. They will reduce the moving stress and ensure all your belongings are well taken care of. Unfortunately, New York is one of the most expensive places in the world, thus many of the popular attractions cost a lot of money. If you are looking for unique sites to visit, here is an insider’s guide to New York’s most popular attractions and why they are worth the expense.


1. The Museum of Sex

One popular attractions that you need to visit while in New York is The Museum of Sex. It is a unique museum open for adults (18 years or older) with a mission to maintain the history and evolution of human sexuality. It offers cultural and fun exhibits that showcase different views on sexuality. By visiting the site as a couple, you will explore naughty artifacts, photos and more in every corner of the museum. Please note: visitors at The Museum of Sex are warned not to touch, stroke, lick or mount the displays.


2. New York City Skyline

While in New York City you should definitely not miss out on touring the iconic Manhattan skyline in a helicopter. Whether you are planning a romantic date, a surprise or family vacation, the unforgettable views from a helicopter tour will be worth every penny. From the sky you will be able to spot world-famous landmarks such as Central Park, the Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty and many others. There are also tailored tours for you to enjoy with your loved ones.


3. The Marquee

One of the best nightclubs to visit in New York City is the Marquee. By touring the city at night, you will experience a unique perspective of The Big Apple and possibly avoid some of the crowds. The Marquee is a luxury club known for its fun and carnival-inspired atmosphere and expensive bottle service. For instance, a table with bottle service may cost between $700 and $15000 depending on the number of guests and the bottles served.


4. Brooklyn Bridge Park

Another popular attraction to visit in New York City is Brooklyn Bridge Park, well known to many from sci-fi movies. But if you are not passionate about movies, the park has so much else to offer. You can participate in outdoor activities such as basketball, bocce ball and other activities. It is a cool place to tour with friends or family.


5. Rent a Yacht

Renting a yacht in New York is one of the best ways to have a memorable day. There are several routes you can take around Manhattan. Spend a day on the water while enjoying great food with your loved ones or just take a tour. Many yachts come with a complete menu, cocktails and full service. Whether you’re moving or traveling to New York, a private yacht rental can relieve some stress.


6. A Private Museum

There are several museums in New York that provide private tours of their galleries and exhibitions. Check which museums offer a VIP experience either after hours or the option to tour an exhibit located in a private area For example, The Museum of Modern Art offers VIP tours an hour before opening to the public.


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