Couple taking pictures in helicopter

Tips for Your First Helicopter Flight

Are you getting ready for your first helicopter flight? A little nervous? No need to worry any longer. Your first helicopter experience should be fun and stress-free. As soon as you see the amazing views below, you’ll probably forget any of your worries. Here’s all the information you’ll need to make sure your first helicopter trip goes smoothly.

Lots of Noise Likely
Compared to commercial airplane flights, helicopters are more noisy. However, it’s nothing to be concerned about. You’ll be provided with headsets that the pilot will use to communicate with you. These headphones also cut down on a majority of the noise!

You won’t be alone
The pilots on flight have thousands of hours of in-air experience. The crew is there for you to answer any questions or alleviate concerns. Your pilot will also give you important information and instructions to follow throughout the flight. Check out our About Us page to learn more about our pilots.

Expect a little turbulence
A bit of turbulence is perfectly normal. Just like in an airplane, you may experience some shakiness during take-off and landing. As for the helicopter ride itself, expect smooth sailing.

Dress Comfortably
You’re free to wear whatever you’d like, but we recommend wearing something comfortable and dark. (If you’re taking pictures, white and light clothing reflects in the window.) This may be obvious, but avoid wearing anything too loose, like scarves and hats. Additionally, anyone with long hair should tie it back. Helicopters are climate controlled, so you can always take something off – just remember not to leave it behind!

Sit back and enjoy!
Not everyone gets to experience riding a helicopter over breathtaking views. Sit back, relax, take some photos, and enjoy your new perspective.