See New York at Night - Private Aerial Photography Tour

See the Magic of New York City At Night

What is so special about aerial photography? Aren’t the pictures just as good from the ground?

There is something undeniably magical about flying through the clouds above The Big Apple, seeing iconic landmarks below you. It doesn’t compare to seeing this beautiful city from land or sea. How else can you see Madison Square Garden, the Empire State Building, Central Park, and more in less than an hour?


Private, comfortable, and all-inclusive

Not only can you get outstanding views of the city that aren’t possible by sea or land – but you’ll also get a comfortable, private tour of New York with zero hassle. Our experienced pilots also provide narration so you can learn about the famous landmarks the city is known for. No crowds, no lines, and no rushing to your next destination! What could be better than that?


The beauty of the night

Some people will recommend that you only take aerial photos during the early morning or late afternoon, in order to get the best light. However, we are of a different mindset. Don’t get us wrong – New York is gorgeous during the day, too. But there is no comparison to the contrast of the brilliant skyscrapers against the New York sky.


Don’t miss out on the stunning views

The views simply cannot be beaten. If you’ve been itching to go on vacation but don’t have the time, enjoy an awesome new perspective of the city while staying close to home. A private helicopter tour is the perfect way to break the routine for a few hours but without the effort of a real vacation.