Summer getaway near New York

Plan the Ideal Getaway to End the Summer

Summer: the ideal time to plan a getaway. As the season’s end is on the horizon, now is the perfect time to end summer on a high note. These experiences are the perfect combination of excitement and leisure. To top it off, all these experiences include a private helicopter flight to get you to and from your destination. Can you say luxury?


Sunset picnic on the beach

Picnics at Central Park are wonderful, but there’s nothing like a beautiful picnic on the beach. Treat yourself and your partner to a fully-catered, delicious picnic. With plenty of blankets and pillows, you’ll be super cozy and relaxed. End the evening by watching the sunset behind the waves. This is a blissful day you’ll never forget!


Explore the outdoors

Have you been in the mood to get in touch with your sense of adventure? This exciting outdoor experience will take you outside and ensure you have an exciting experience. Get competitive with a round of 9-hole golf in the cool mountain air. Afterward, sit back and enjoy a delicious meal with a view of the green. Then, spend the rest of the day off-roading on land, or fly-fishing near the water. After you’ve explored Vermont’s outdoors, rejuvenate with a visit to the tranquil spa. The experience is customizable, so you can choose exactly which activities you’d like included.


A meal fit for royalty

With this experience, you won’t have to worry about taking care of dinner plans. Enjoy an upscale meal, chosen beforehand, on a private luxury yacht in the Hamptons. A world-class chef, waiter, and staff will be on board to assist. End your getaway by taking in one of the last sunsets of the summer on the water, surrounded by your loved ones.