Flight lessons

Why Helicopter Flight Lessons Are the Perfect Summer Activity

Have you ever wanted to take helicopter flight lessons? Thought about flying your friends and family around on your own? Here’s your chance to learn! Once you get a taste for the sky, there’s no going back. Here are a few reasons taking flight lessons will be the best decision you make this summer.


1. Stay cool

Summers in New York are no joke. It can be fun to be active outside and soak up the sunshine. But there are some days where it’s too hot to do anything outside! Still, you may want to break up your routine and do something fun. Our helicopters are air-conditioned and super comfortable. It’s the perfect way to get outside… without the drawbacks of really being outside.


2. Stay away from crowds

Along with NY’s summer heat comes the crowds. While they’re a little sparser this year, you might still want to avoid large groups of people. With private helicopter lessons, you’ll only be around one person: your pilot. 


3. Learn a new (fun!) skill

Doing something exciting like learning how to fly a helicopter is a bucket-list opportunity. You can make your summer 2020 one to remember by telling your friends and family that you are on your way to becoming a licensed pilot! The amazing views of the city from up above are just a bonus.


4. It gets you out of the house

Whether you’ve been inside to avoid the heat or the crowds, you’ve probably spent a lot of time in the house lately. It’s time to change it up a bit and make the most of summer. Do you have a teenager who’s itching to get out of the house? We are offering a Youth Summer Program this year, perfect for anyone who’s ready to take on an exciting, new challenge. Summer is the season for fun, after all.


5. You’ll get customized instruction

No matter your experience or skill, our instructors will help you get to the next level. Your lesson will be completely one-on-one and tailored to your needs, so you can take things as slowly or fast as you’d like. Our pilots have decades of experience they’re ready to share with you. Check out all the diverse flight lessons we offer for the course that fits your needs this summer.