Helicopter ride

4 Reasons Why A Helicopter Ride is the Best Gift

Are you looking for a perfect gift for your special occasion or the next big holiday? Imagine soaring above the city, observing breathtaking scenery and sights – sounds like a dream, right? A scenic helicopter tour can be among the best ways to impress your special one if they are nature enthusiasts or simply love adventures. To help you in making the decision quickly, we have put together the list of 5 top reasons to try a helicopter ride.


1: The Perfect Date

We have all been there when we fall for someone and want to do something special for that person. If you are looking for ideas where to go on a unique date with someone special, then a scenic helicopter tour should be on the list. Break out of the routine of going to the same restaurants over and over again and do something worth remembering.


A private helicopter ride can be a great way to share a romantic adventure together and you can plan to propose to your significant other in the clouds while enjoying the breathtaking views below. No matter if you have already taken a ride, because it never gets old! For those who are planning to enjoy an open door flight, they should keep a bandana to tie the hair in place. You can get breathable and high-quality bandanas from 4inbandana to free yourself up from the hassle of looking for a good one.


2: A Gift of Perfect Pictures

If your loved one is a shutterbug, then a scenic helicopter ride offers numerous fantastic photography opportunities even before you take off. Just grab your phone or favorite camera and snap some pictures for Instagram and Facebook in front of the chopper together. After getting up in the air, you will be able to capture unforgettable views whether you have the helicopter doors on or off.


As you are ascending and hovering, you will get a great chance for some pictures that would otherwise be impossible. Don’t miss on these amazing snappable moments:

  • A pre-flight pose
  • The old-school aerial shot
  • Inside the helicopter view
  • Helicopter-in-view aerial shot


3: Spectacular views

A private helicopter can take you much closer to beautiful scenery as compared to an airplane, while safely distancing from others. You can fly and hover from a perfect standstill position in any direction and from any altitude. To experience such close up and captivating views isn’t possible in any other aircraft. We promise that the experience will be unique and unforgettable for both of you.


4: One-of-a-kind and exciting experience

Soaring above it all and looking down at the beauty of the city is enough to take your breath away. Helicopter tours are not just for tourists – they can be a unique learning experience for locals, too. With many restaurants and venues still closed down due to coronavirus, a private helicopter flight is a great, socially distanced way to check off iconic landmarks from your bucket list.


Closing it Up

In a nutshell, if you want to spend quality time with your loved one alone in the air, then a private helicopter tour is all that you need. Every relationship needs a little push from time to time and new, shared experiences can help with that.