Best SUP surf spots in the US

Best SUP Surf Spots in the United States

There’s so much on offer on a trip to the north-eastern United States. Whether you’re here to see New England in the fall, immerse yourself in the laid back culture of the Cape Cod National Seashore, or be seduced by the bright lights of New York City, you’re sure to have a great time.


But what would make your trip even better? How about trying a combination of the fastest growing watersport in the world, and one of the best-loved? SUP surfing will get the adrenaline pumping, and in this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best spots in the United States to do it. 


Let’s check them out! 


Long Beach, New York City

Looking for something to spice up your trip to New York City? As well as broadway, restaurants, and shopping, you can get active around New York with a spot of SUP surfing. Long Beach is the best of both worlds as you can tackle the waves on the seafront, but also enjoy some more relaxed paddling in the island park. One of many spots where you can enjoy SUP in NYC, you can even do it right in Manhattan – what a unique way to see the city skyline and Statue of Liberty! 


If you’re looking for paddleboards, there are several places around Long Beach where you can rent them. You can also pick up some lessons there if you’re a beginner.


White Crest Beach, Wellfleet, Massachusetts

Cape Cod is one of the best seaside destinations in the northeastern United States, so it’s impossible to miss it off a list of the best SUP surf destinations. The sea can get quite cold though, so you’ll probably be best off bringing your wetsuit as well. 


Another name for White Crest Beach is “Surfer’s Beach”, so you can probably tell how it made our list. Although surfing proper can be done here, it’s a good place to start SUPing. You can either rent at a shop in the town of Wellfleet or check out GILI Sport’s surf paddle boards and bring your own. 


Potomac River, Washington DC

Surfing on a river? What’s all that about, you might be thinking… Well yes, you might be surprised but within an hour of the White House you can enjoy SUP surfing! The Potomac River boasts class 1, 2, and 3 rapids and it’s really popular with white water paddlers. 


The best area is the Mather Gorge, where you can enjoy surfing waves and occasionally take a break to admire the enormous cliffs surrounding you. When you’ve had your fill of surfing, there are some calmer spots where you can do some more relaxed SUP. Most SUPing here happens in the summer months but if you don’t mind the cold, bring your drysuit and have a go in the cooler weather!


Ruggles, Newport, Rhode Island

Some people will tell you that Ruggles is the best big wave break on the eastern seaboard… But this one is probably not the best place for beginners. There’s a rock bottom which has broken boards and bones over the years!


If you’re not put off by that and are an experienced SUP surfer, then head to the smallest state in the US. Again, the waters at Ruggles aren’t warm, so you’d be best using a wetsuit or drysuit. For those that are experienced enough to conquer Ruggles’ waves, there’s no better feeling!


Cisco Beach, Nantucket MA

Another beach that might prove too big a challenge to beginner surfers and SUPpers, Nantucket’s Cisco Beach boasts big waves and rough swells. There are surf schools where you can take your first lessons though! 


There aren’t a lot of facilities here either, so it is best for those who have their minds on surfing. While you should beware of rip tides and undertow, it’s good to know that there are usually lifeguards on hand to help if you should get into any difficulties. 


Hamptons, New York

If you’re in New York City and need a break from the hustle and bustle, the Hamptons is one of the best places to go for a little R & R. You have a couple of options if you want to SUP here. Dune Road is a quiet beach where you’ll have plenty of space to balance on your board. Shinnecock Inlet is a favorite among the locals, while Ditch Plains Beach has some tasty places to fill your stomach after a day of SUPing. The Hamptons boasts plenty of quiet spots on its waterways for beginners to get used to SUPing too! 

Final Thoughts on the best surf spots in the United States

Now that you’ve checked out the best SUP surf spots in the United States, you’ll be looking to book your trip. Consider visiting these destinations by private helicopter to save time and energy. We can pick you up anywhere in the Northeast USA and deliver to your destination quickly and comfortably. Our helicopters can even be outfitted with an exterior cargo basket to carry surfboards. Please check with us regarding their weight and dimensions at the time of booking your flight. We look forward to flying with you!