New York helicopter charter

The Beauty of New York through the Seasons: a Bird’s Eye View

New York is known worldwide for its beauty and bustling nature. You may have visited before, but maybe you haven’t thought of seeing the City that Never Sleeps from a new perspective. With a helicopter charter, you can see New York from a bird’s eye view. As the year goes on, each season reveals new elements that you won’t want to miss.


Beat the heat in summer

Summer is the most popular time to visit New York.. and it’s also the hottest. Skip the crowds of tourists and the hassle of waiting in line in the sun by going to the skies. Another bonus? You’ll get incredible shots of destinations like the Statue of Liberty that no one else has.


The changing colors of autumn

Nothing beats the blazing oranges, reds, and yellows of New York’s trees in the fall. The Hudson Valley offers incredible views that you’ll never forget. Seeing the striking contrast of the trees against the blue skies from a helicopter is the perfect way to celebrate the changing of the seasons.


Winter festivities

The dazzling lights of winter holidays bring brightness to cold New York winters. But the frigid climate of the Northeast means you may not want to be outside for very long. With a private helicopter flight, you can stay warm while still enjoying the holiday season.


Spring revival

After a chilly winter, the city comes alive with blooming flowers and flourishing trees. There’s no doubt that New York is gorgeous on the ground, but nothing beats the view of Central Park from above on a crisp spring day.


Seeing the beauty of New York from above is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so you’ll want to get the best photos possible. If you’re an amateur photographer and want to learn more about how to get stunning shots, request an aerial photographer to assist you in learning the best angles, lens settings and more