Stay at home date ideas

6 Stay At Home Date Ideas: How to Have Fun at Home

‘Going on a romantic date’ and ‘stay at home’ might be the last two ideas you’d put together. But social distancing restrictions mean we’ll likely be home for a while. That doesn’t mean date nights should go out the door. If you have kids, we know how difficult it is to get some time for just you and your partner. Take this as your sign to set aside some time for yourselves and plan a special night.


Candlelit dinner

This is a classic for a reason! Grab some of your favorite wine or other beverage and set the mood with candles. The warm light with your meal will take you to another place for a few moments. Many of us haven’t dressed up in weeks (or months), so take this time to put on a nice outfit to make the day feel even more special. 


Watch a concert

With in-person concerts cancelled, musicians are getting creative. Many musicians are finding ways to share their music with fans, whether it’s through Instagram Live, Facebook Live, or another platform. The Met is even offering free opera viewings through their site. 


Go on “vacation”

Traveling is restricted, but you can still pretend to go on a weekend getaway. “Visit” Italy by making a delicious pasta and wine dinner, complete with Italian music. Or, learn how to roll your own sushi and travel to Japan. Pretend you’re at a beach picnic by having a simple meal in the backyard. You don’t have to put in a ton of work- it’s the thought that counts!


Go to the museum, aquarium, or zoo

Just because you’re at home doesn’t mean you can’t be exposed to art, culture and wildlife! Museum, aquarium, and zoo trips are all possible through the magic of the internet. World class museums like the Louvre are offering free virtual tours. Take your mind off things by admiring historic art or gazing at beautiful animals in nature. The best part? It’s all free and accessible from your couch!


Game night

What could be more fun than getting competitive? Stay at home and opt for an engaging date night with classic board games like Scrabble or Monopoly. Or, try to beat your partner at a favorite card or video game. If you have a backyard, play badminton or create your own yard game. No matter what, doing something competitive is a stress-relieving escape from your everyday quarantine routine. 


Make each other presents

Have you ever tried painting each other? It’s a fun way to get creative juices flowing and will be sure to end in laughs. You could also do something simple like create a nice card with a sweet poem inside. If homemade gifts aren’t your thing, you can include a gift card to give your partner something to look forward to when social distancing is over.