helicopter ride over new york city

Helicopter Rides over New York for Healthcare Heroes

In this time of unprecedented crisis we all have our heroic healthcare workers in mind. Those incredible human beings cannot shelter in place with their loved ones, they cannot be 6 feet away from their patients, they put themselves at risk every single shift. And when they go home, they worry about exposing their families to COVID-19. Facing enormous challenges, they are responding with courage, resolve and exemplary professionalism. They truly deserve our thanks and a show of our appreciation.


A small thank you

We at Wings Air Helicopters would like to offer healthcare workers in New York a small thank you: a tour of our majestic Big Apple from the air, the city and the people that they are fighting so hard to protect. However, with our operations essentially shut down since mid-March we are unable to cover all of the operating costs associated with this goal.


With this in mind, we are calling on you to help us sponsor helicopter tours for healthcare workers from hard hit hospitals in the New York City and Westchester area.


Your generous support will allow a healthcare worker plus a companion (if desired) of his/her choice to experience a once-in-a-lifetime helicopter tour over New York City, free of charge. The suggested donation amount is $150 which will cover 50% of our costs for a 30-minute tour for 2 passengers. However, feel free to donate any amount you can afford. It will all go towards the same goal.


Scheduling is expected to begin in May, or as soon as we can resume normal sightseeing operations (currently deemed as non-essential by New York State). We will continue to provide these helicopter experiences through the end of 2020, depending on the funds raised. We hope to welcome many healthcare professionals on-board to enjoy the magnificent aerial views of New York City and Westchester.


For terms and conditions and to donate, please visit our GoFundMe.