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7 Ways to Celebrate Birthdays in Quarantine: Social Distancing Fun

Finding fun ways to celebrate birthdays while you’re in quarantine isn’t the easiest thing. But we’ve come up with a few ways to celebrate special occasions and make things feel as normal as possible. Check out these creative ways to make the birthday guest feel special.


1. Have a Zoom party

Just because you can’t be together in person doesn’t mean you can’t socialize. Get all your closest friends together on this online video conferencing site to play games, celebrate with a drink, sing them Happy Birthday, or just chat. There are online sites and apps you can use to play board games together if that’s your thing. No matter what you do, connecting with others will be sure to lift everyone’s spirits!


2. Put on a parade

This is an awesome way to make a little one’s birthday exciting. They’ll feel important and valued knowing that so many people got together to celebrate them! One mother in Florida made her son’s 6th birthday exceptional by putting together a parade that included a fire truck, two cruisers, and three rescue vehicles. The best part? All she had to do was ask her community for help putting it together. This is a surprisingly easy, collaborative way to make a child’s day.


3. Send them something special

Let your friend know you’re thinking about them by sending chocolate, a fruit basket, wine, or get them that thing they’ve been eyeing to buy for a while. You can also go the practical route and send them a gift card/certificate. This is convenient for both of you, and they’ll be grateful you thought of them.


4. Give them a gift for later

Instead of sending just one present, a monthly subscription is a gift that keeps on giving! This is one way to ensure they’ll think of you at least once a month for the coming year. Another amazing gift is a vacation or getaway they can look forward to after social distancing restrictions are lifted. Do they love going on adventures, or do they prefer the finer things in life? Whatever their personality, a private helicopter experience is a unique vacation they’ll always remember! Additionally, private charters provide fliers with a safe environment during and after COVID-19, not having to share the aircraft with others.


5. Yard sign

Let the whole neighborhood know it’s your friend or loved one’s birthday by decorating a fun sign. Get creative by using a poster board, a banner, or chalk to get the message across. Leave a note telling people to honk in honor of the birthday guest to get the neighbors involved!


6. Make a cake

Cake is the most universal (and delicious) way to celebrate birthdays. Homemade presents are often better than store-bought— this is also true when it comes to food. You don’t have to make a traditional vanilla, sprinkle-covered cake either. Mix it up by making a cheesecake, cookie cake or delicious cupcakes. Then, drop it off at the birthday guest’s door and wait for them to be surprised!


7. Write a letter

If you’re looking for a simple, low-tech gesture that makes a huge impact, this is one of the best ways to celebrate birthdays in quarantine. People don’t really send letters anymore, so this is one that’ll definitely make the birthday guest feel warm and fuzzy. Not only is snail mail touching, but they’ll get to keep the letter to read again and again for years to come.