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New Hobbies to Pick Up While Social Distancing

Finding new hobbies can be time-consuming, but social distancing restrictions make it the ideal time to learn new things. With our daily routines uprooted, it can be difficult to come up with exciting activities to do when you’re at home. Here are a few to add some excitement to your day.


Arts and crafts

This is the perfect opportunity to get some much-needed time away from screens. Get in touch with your creative side and work on that art project you’ve been meaning to start for years. Cross-stitching and embroidery have gotten popular in the last few years. These projects are great if you want to do something that will leave you with something you can proudly display in your home. Painting can be a calming process and something to distract you from these uncertain times. Another option is learning how to make your own candles or bath bombs- this one comes with the added benefit of making your home smell amazing!



Pictures can tell stories that can’t be conveyed with words. With the technology available today, the art of photography is something anyone can pick up. Whether you use a digital camera, film camera, or your iPhone, you can start practicing photography in the comfort of your own home. You can also plan for creative picture-taking pursuits for when you’re out of isolation. Taking photos from high above a city is one of the most unique ways to capture its beauty. Capture aerial images of one of the most photogenic cities in the world, New York City.


Elevate your kitchen skills

This is one of the most popular social distancing hobbies to pick up right now, especially since restaurant services are minimized. Learning how to make your own bread from scratch is a go-to recipe for social distancing. Another delicious option? Making all ingredients of a tasty taco dinner from scratch, including the tortillas, salsa and guacamole. Bars are closed, so why not learn how to make your favorite cocktail at home? You can also learn the art of rolling your own sushi, at a fraction of the cost of a Japanese eatery. If you have a sweet tooth, now is the perfect time to perfect your chocolate chip cookie or scone recipe.


Create the perfect bucket list

With more time indoors to think about the future than ever, there’s no better time to think about what adventures you want to accomplish before kicking the bucket. There’s nothing like the rush of driving at sonic speeds. At this private racetrack, you can pretend to be a Nascar driver for a day.  Another option for adventurous types is going on a wildlife safari. If you’ve met anyone who’s been on one, you’ve heard how life-changing it can be to get up close to wild animals in nature. Last, why watch the Olympics when you could be a part of it? Be like the athletes you’ve watched on TV for years – take your pick between bobsledding, curling, speed skating, and more.