Prepare for Takeoff: Advice for Your First Time Riding a Helicopter

Is your first time riding a helicopter in the near future? There’s no need to be worried. You’ve probably been in an airplane before, but helicopters are a little different story. The fact that you’re reading this right now means that you’re one step ahead of the game! Here are a few words of advice for your first helicopter trip.


Determine where everyone’s sitting beforehand

Depending on the size of your helicopter and how many passengers you’re flying with, the seating situation will be different. There will be 1-2 people in the front and 2-4 people in the back. If you’re prone to motion-sickness you should sit in the front or by a window and take a Dramamine just in case. Seating in the helicopter is based on passenger weights for balancing purposes but any concerns about motion sickness in the helicopter will be taken into consideration.


What to bring

Prepare for the perfect views. Our helicopters have large windows, so you’ll have great visibility from every angle. If you like taking pictures, don’t forget to bring your camera or phone along for amazing shots. It’s not a bad idea to bring some sunglasses, too, to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays. Your pilot will give you noise-cancelling headphones that you can use to communicate with your fellow passengers, so there’s no need to bring headphones. Sunlight will stream in through the windows, so bring sunscreen to protect your skin.


What to wear

For safety reasons, it’s best to avoid loose clothing, scarves, flip flops, and hanging jewelry. This is because of the helicopter’s rotors and the downwash they create. Ladies, keep in mind that very high heels may be uncomfortable when stepping up and down from the aircraft, so try to wear sturdy, comfortable shoes. Feel free to bring an extra pair with you to change if you are heading out to dinner after the flight. Dressing in layers is ideal to maximize comfort, although your helicopter will have heating and air conditioning.


Listen to your pilot

Your pilot will give you a few safety instructions before takeoff. Helicopters are statistically safer than small planes but it’s still good to know some basic guidelines. The most obvious one is to wear your seatbelt. Don’t take it off while the flight is in session. You should keep your legs and arms in the vehicle at all times (applicable to open door flights only).


Choose a company you can trust

Make sure you research the company you’re booking a charter with. Luckily, Wings Air has years of experience with helicopter flights and a passion for flying.We fly an average 1,500 hours per year without incident. Our pilots must complete years of rigorous training to fly for us, and our helicopters are tended to by an experienced maintenance team.


Now that you’ve read this, you can feel confident that your first time riding a helicopter will go smoothly. Make memories and view almost anywhere in the Northeast from new heights.