See the Statue of Liberty from a New Perspective

Most people will tell you there’s only one way to see the Statue of Liberty — by ferry. But here’s a secret: you can get to the United States’ most famous landmark by exclusive helicopter! Seeing Lady Liberty up close can be exciting, but also overrated and time-consuming. For a more special experience, book a private helicopter and see the monument from a different perspective. Here’s why seeing the Statue of Liberty from the sky is better than on land.



If you plan on seeing the Statue on land, you’ll have to first get tickets. Just this first step can be an arduous process. Tickets are limited, so you’ll probably have to reserve them a few months in advance. You may have to visit the ferry company’s website several times before being able to book a ticket that fits your schedule.


There’s an easy way to simplify the planning process. Booking a private helicopter with Wings Air is convenient and shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes. Simply fill out a form on our website, and you’re ready to go!


Time and comfort

No matter the time of year, there will be a ton of tourists visiting. At a minimum, the Lady Liberty trip on land will be 4-6 hours. To get to the Statue, you’ll have to take a ferry. This may bring up issues if you’re prone to getting seasick. Once you’re at the monument, you’ll likely spend a good amount of time waiting in the security line. This could be a fun experience for some, but spending so much time waiting can be taxing.


With a helicopter, you’ll experience almost no wait time. You can even book as soon as 4 hours before a trip! We provide roundtrip transportation from your hotel, if desired. The helicopter trip itself won’t take the whole day either- choose between a 30 and 45 minute tour. Even better, you won’t be surrounded by a crowd of tourists. If comfort is your goal, a helicopter charter will suit your needs and schedule.


Convenience and accessibility

After the long trip to the monument, you’ll have to climb over 100 stairs to get to either the crown or pedestal. If your phone dies throughout the process, you’ll have to wait until you get back to land. Air conditioning isn’t available in the narrow stairwell. This means that summers tend to get pretty crowded and hot. This can lend itself to being a pretty uncomfortable experience.


Seeing Lady Liberty up close is a unique experience, but it has its downfalls. Seeing the Statue from a bird’s eye view, on the other hand, will provide an effortless, straightforward experience. No climbing up stairs, waiting in long lines, or going through a security line required. Included in your package is a complimentary champagne toast and a guided tour. 


Book a private flight

If you’re looking for a more relaxed way to see the Statue of Liberty, chartering a NYC helicopter tour is a safe bet. And, you’ll get to see way more than just the Statue. You’ll also fly over Central Park, the Empire State Building, Madison Square Garden, Harlem, George Washington Bridge, and Yankee Stadium. Wing Air’s tours are available 7 days a week. Book now on our website!