Why Flying in a Helicopter Is Better Than in an Airplane

Flying in a helicopter is better than in an airplane for so many reasons. Have you ever taken a private helicopter flight? If not, it’s a bucket-list item you should experience sooner rather than later. Here’s why.


1. It’s an adventure!

Flying in an airplane is great, but helicopter rides add a layer of wonder. You can get closer to landmarks and land in places without a runway, so you’ll be able to experience the land and sky around you differently than ever before. And unlike planes, helicopters can fly straight up and down, or stay in one spot in the air. That’s because helicopters have lift– the ability to move quickly through the air. If you want to discover the world in a whole new way, helicopters are the way to do it.


2. A more customized experience

With a private charter,  you get to choose when you leave, where you depart from, where you land, and more. Planes and private jets can be affected by runway closures while helicopters can take off from almost any spot. Private helicopter charters allow you the freedom to decide. Whether you’re visiting New York City or scenic Vermont, helicopters can be a part of the occasion.


3. Privacy

Gone are the days of having your seat kicked by the person behind you or having to endure the screams of a crying toddler. Chartering a private helicopter flight means you’re only spending your time in the air with your loved ones, and the pilot, of course.


4. Less stress

Airlines are notorious for delays for various reasons or sometimes for no obvious reason at all. Private helicopters give you flexible availability and departures without the fear of missed connections. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about rushing through pre-flight checks or getting pat-down by TSA agents. Since you get to decide when you leave, you don’t have to rush or wade through crowds. Leave the stress at home when you travel this season


Don’t take a chance with commercial planes or private jets. Go on an adventure— join the #helicopterlife. Book your private flight today!