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The Best Food in Upstate New York – Feed Your Soul

Are you visiting Upstate New York and looking for the best food? Well, you’re in luck. Whether you’re into trying new foods from different cultures or sticking with what you know, upstate New York is the place to check off everything on your foodie bucket list.



Napoli’s is an Italian eatery you don’t want to miss out on if you’re in Upstate New York. It’s owned by the Zenzillo family and offers whatever baked goods your heart desires. The tomato pie is a favorite. It’s more like a traditional Sicilian pizza than what’s more common in the US- we highly recommend it. They also serve an array of rolls, as well as paninis and calzones.


Buffalo Wings

You can satisfy your wing craving at The Ruck. This eatery offers a great selection of wings, including a vegan option. If you’ve ever wanted to eat at a restaurant linked to the famous, check out Buffalo Boss. Jay-Z is a co-owner, so you know they’ll be top-notch.



If you’re looking looking for a distinct experience, book a private helicopter to experience the allure of Roxbury. After a stunning helicopter ride, you’ll have a savory, Korean-style meal. Afterward, you’ll get to try samples at an 1800’s cider press and a small-batch cheesemaker. See the best of Upstate New York with Wing Air’s three deluxe experiences.


Even More

Of course, we have barely covered the vast array of dining opportunities available in Upstate New York. Experience food in another premium location by checking out all of our luxury travel experiences.