Winter Helicopter Rides

Winter Helicopter Rides Need Just the Right Attire

We love getting visitors from outside New York. This is the city that sees 60 million tourists each year. And while that number is high, the temperature during the winter months get very low. If you’re not from the east coast and don’t see low-digit weather, know that you will need to be bundled up. Winter helicopter rides, while still enclosed, need heavier attire. So, when you’re visiting our magical city, take a moment to step inside of our helicopters and enjoy the view from above. Don’t let the cold keep you away from the awe-inspiring views of New York City.


Winter Helicopter Rides

When you’re visiting New York, there is a lot to do. So much so, that you might feel a little overwhelmed by it all. Winter brings just as many tourists as the summer months do. With Rockefeller and Times Square becoming a wonderland of lights and excitement, it’s hard to ignore the city during this season. Our advice to you is to bring out the warm clothes. Bring the puffer jacket, the scarves, the gloves, and the hats to pull over your ears and keep your head warm. You will need them. If you’re not one for big crowds, but still want to see the city, then our helicopter tours are right for you. See the city like many locals never do. 


While our helicopter doors will remain closed during this tour (unlike some of our options during the summer), it’s important to note that your drive and arrival to the airport might still be cold. It’s better to be prepared for the colder temperatures that may hit the windows and chill your body when upon landing. 


The view of the city during winter offers a new perspective. Hop inside our “chopper” and see the city the best way possible. Book your ride today.