R44 flight training

How to get the Ultimate Flying Experience

Have you heard the famous saying, “If you can fly in New York, you can fly anywhere”? It’s a true statement, we like to think. There is a lot going on in New York, not to mention all the different weather the state sees. When you learn how to fly at Wings Air, you’ll get the ultimate flying experience. It is the perfect place to learn how to fly if you want a rigorous course in maneuvering through various scenarios.


The Ultimate Flying Experience

Having the best helicopter model is a plus when it comes to learning how to fly. You will learn with our Robinson 44 Raven II. One of the best brands, this provides more advantages during training. You’ll be both safe and experience the high-performance of this model. Since the Westchester county offers diverse weather and high-volume air traffic, our students get the best training. They leave with skills that will allow them to problem solve and fly with better control and confidence. These demanding conditions will make them better helicopter pilots.


We teach hands-on with students one-on-one. So, you’re never stuck in a classroom feeling like your questions or concerns aren’t being heard. This personalized experience has been the best way for us to churn out great pilots and have student’s full attention. Book your session now and start your ultimate flying experience!