45 minutes in new york heaven

The Ultimate Leaf Peeping Guide for New Yorkers

Fall brings crisp new air into New York City. Gone are the heat waves that the concrete jungle exuded. Now that the weather has chilled a bit, the leaves start to change colors and New York becomes something different. The city isn’t the only stunning thing to see, though. During the fall, the entire Hudson Valley turns into a shocking landscape of reds, oranges, and yellows. Seeing this from the ground? Beautiful. Seeing this from the air? Magical. With our helicopter tours, we’ll be your ultimate leaf-peeping guide. For any city dweller, our Hudson Valley tour is a nice escape into the beautiful surrounding nature. 


Hudson Valley Tours — The Ultimate Leaf Peeping Guide

Instead of crowded parks and the busy streets of New York City, take an intimate ride in the sky. We offer sights of the Hudson Valley as you’ve never seen before. Flights take off from a quiet location at Westchester Airport. Immediately, you’re shown the yellows and oranges that the fall foliage welcomes you to. 


45 Minutes in New York Heaven

The color of fall in New York is orange. Get the birds-eye view. Our extended helicopter rides offer scenes of the Rockefeller Estate, Bannerman Castle, and many other landmarks. It’s a beautiful sight to see nature against the buildings that have made the Hudson Valley so iconic. Take a look for yourself.

Book your extended tour and see New York in this new light. Why get 30 minutes in the sky when you can get 45 and see everything that the Hudson Valley has to offer? Peep those beautiful leaves today!