Enjoy the Snowy Mountains During Your Holiday Travel

Winter will be here sooner than you know it. With colder fronts making their way in, it’s time to start planning ahead for your holiday travel. We think snowy mountains are in your future. And, we have the perfect place that our helicopters will fly you out to enjoy. This wanderlust travel experience in Vermont is the perfect escape for an intimate family getaway.


Holiday Travel and Skiing in Stratton

Since our helicopters can take 3-6 passengers, your family can take a quick trip from Manhattan to the mountains in Stratton. This is where the scenic views will completely capture you. Additionally, it’s where a lot of adventure can take place. The experience includes equipment rentals and lift passes, but you can further customize your trip with more activities. Whether you want to take a break from the kids with a spa day or take the family out for skiing, the way you tailor your trip is up to you!


This luxury experience goes further. We’ve partnered with Chloe Johnston Experiences Alice & Olivia so that prior to your departure, they can hand-pick your winter clothes and mail them to you. You’ll be completely prepared for your stay. For the men, we will send a handcrafted, small-batch spirit care package. Bring them with you to get into the “spirit” of things!


We’ll be waiting for you. Book your travel experience now and don’t lose out on the holiday travel.