Glenmere Outside

Glenmere Mansion — Intimacy, Romance, and the Best Engagement Spot

Elegant is the first word that comes to mind upon mention of Glenmere Mansion. The estate was originally fashioned as a Tuscan villa. It is spacious, with marble accents found on countertops and porticoes. Surprisingly, this mansion is located in the lower-Hudson Valley, making it a quick helicopter trip from New York City. The helicopter will give you a tour of the beautiful surrounding area before landing right in front of the mansion—only during daylight hours. With all of its grandeur and panoramic views, you’ll be transported into a tranquil dream with your significant other.


Glenmere Mansion Engagement

This is the grand gesture. Instead of making a big, public proposal, pop the question when it’s just the two of you. When you first arrive at the mansion, you’ll be greeted by a butler and promptly guided to either your room or to your intimate lunch table. You won’t find better food anywhere else. A 3-course meal will be made, set either inside or outside, depending on the weather. This lakeside estate will give you plenty to look at. That is, when you’re not staring deep into each other’s eyes. You can pop the question after lunch, with nature around, or you can wait until you’re situated in your room. You’ll also have some champagne to celebrate.


For those staying the night, you have the option of your bed being turned down with rose petals and a drawn bath. The spacious rooms all offer elegant details and architecture. Nothing was spared during the construction of this beautiful mansion. This is the ultimate place to ask your person to be yours forever. It’s the summer of love. Book your flight and stay today.