Helicopter Flower Shower for Your Elegant Wedding

Ok—what is this helicopter flower shower? Picture this: you’re stepping out of the beautiful, 18th-century church with your newly-wedded spouse. The sky is clear and all of your loved ones are lined up outside waiting to greet both of you. All of a sudden,  a low-hanging helicopter sprinkles thousands of flower petals as you make your grand exit. It’s the ultimate “wow factor” and the extra romantic detail that really seals the end of your “I do’s”.


Wings Air Helicopter Flower Shower

We love weddings here at Wings Air. It’s why we provide in-air proposals and landings for a newly-wedded couple. This is another way we love to get involved in your big moment. This rising trend lends something extra to your wedding experience. It’s a grand exit (even if it’s not from a church) that your family and loved ones will put their arms out and love. Not to mention, it’ll be a picture-perfect moment for you and everyone else around. Many brides have chosen rose petals, but any flower that is in your wedding theme works wonderfully.


As wedding season comes into full bloom these summer months (pun intended), plan for it to rain flower petals. In an elegant and beautiful display, this is the way to introduce to the world to newlyweds!