helicopter experience

How to Choose Your Helicopter Experience

A lot of us have a desire to go on a helicopter ride. From the adventurous to the more laid-back, we are each looking for a way to see the world from the sky. But, once you’ve decided that it’s finally time to go for it, how do you choose your helicopter experience? There are so many options. Before you get too consumed and frustrated, allow us to guide you in choosing the right experience for you.


Luxury Travel

For the more adventurous, we have tons of options for you. For the most part, they all fall under luxury travel. Essentially, you’ll check off two items on your list. This will allow you to travel to another destination via helicopter, where you can see a couple of new skylines. Travel to the Hamptons, go to a ski resort in winter or fly straight to the race track.



For the more laid-back, a sight-seeing tour of New York City will be right up your alley. See the city like never before. The beautiful skyline will leave you speechless. Make sure to bring your camera to capture it all.


Choose Your Helicopter Experience

Once you’ve determined what kind of experience you want to have, you can book your ride online. If both options seem like fun, you can always come back another time. In fact, we encourage it!