East Hampton — How To Get The Most Out of This Chic Vacation Town

Starting in May, Wings Air offers charter flights to the Hamptons. This chic summer town is a great place to get away to. Unfortunately, it’s not a well-kept secret. So, many restaurants are booked in advance and tourist spots are usually crowded. Since we offer different luxury experiences in East Hampton, we thought we’d give you a few tips on how to make the most of your time there.


Relax in East Hampton

When you’re in the Hamptons, time slows down. That’s why so many people in the city spend their weekends and summers there. You can start relaxing by taking a helicopter to the string of chic seaside communities that make up the Hamptons instead of getting stuck in traffic. You can shop, visit art galleries, visit Sag Harbor and get a tour, or hang out by the beach. You’ll be surrounded by airy and nautical vibes. Hence, you’ll be able to unwind, drink some champagne, and avoid crowds of people.


You could take a day trip and enjoy the best of the town. But, we also suggest indulging in a weekend trip, booking a stay at one the many great bed and breakfast hotels and lounging. Getting the most out of this summer town means reaching a full 10 on your zen meter.