5 Insider Tips for Your First Helicopter Tour

Like anything in life, it’s better to be prepared for something, especially if it’s new. That’s why we look up reviews, talk to friends, and browse the internet when buying or doing a new activity. Today’s tips will help you get the best experience for your first time on a helicopter tour. If you’re not careful, time might slip you by, and you’ll miss something.


On Your First Helicopter Tour….


Be on time. You’ll be departing from an airport and there is most likely a tour right after yours. So, be mindful of time.


Take a camera. You’ll be taken to see great aerial views of New York. You’ll want to have a camera with you to document the beauty around you.


Prepare for motion sickness. If you’ve ever gotten motion sickness, and never been on a helicopter, chances are you might get while in the air. Helicopter rides are fairly smooth, but you might want to take some medication before your flight.


Consider your clothes. If you’re planning on flying with the doors off, be mindful of any loose clothing or hats. You won’t want those flying out the windows.


Have fun! During your tour, you’ll be seeing New York from a whole new perspective. Take in the amazing views and enjoy your time in the sky.