Helicopter Photos: 4 Major Tips for Shooting Aerial Photos

Aerial photos are beautiful. And, when you’re just starting out as a photographer, they are great to have for your growing portfolio. Shooting aerial photos can be a great hobby or career to have. Here are a few tips to make the most out of your time in the sky.


Shooting Aerial Photos Can Be Great the First Time.


Fly with open doors.

This may seem like a given, but it needs to be said. Take a charter helicopter that has the doors off so that you’re not getting glare, dirt, or any curve that you might get from the windows.


Shoot early morning or late afternoon.

These are the golden hours. Shooting your aerial photos at these times will allow for the best light. This means that you’ll be doing less editing later.


Use a fast shutter speed.

This is a general rule. Depending on your particular flight or pilot, the speed of your shutter will allow for more frames when you’re going at a faster speed. Start with a 1/5000secs shutter speed, increase you’re ISO to ISO640 and you should be able to capture the perfect scene.


Take spare memory cards and batteries.

Play it safe by having back up memory cards and batteries. You don’t want to waste an entire flight with a dead camera. With that in mind, keep shooting and don’t stop. You want to take full advantage of the money you just spent on renting a helicopter. You won’t really know what you have until you look at your photos later, so just keep shooting.