Central Park Looks Better From a Bird’s Eye View

Our helicopter tours allow you the best seats in New York. From your bird’s eye view, Central Park, the Empire State Building, Harlem and the Chrysler Building will look even more astonishing. You’ll want the 30-minute tour of New York to last just a bit longer. Which is why we also offer an extended tour of 45 minutes. Notably, you’ll get to see Lady Liberty, Ellis Island, and Battery Park.


Central Park in Spring

You’ll definitely want to fly over all of these New York staples. But, Central Park just might be the most beautiful to fly over. With spring comes beautiful landscapes and very unique blooms that will be amazing from your seat in our helicopter. Spot the yellow Daffodils from afar, along with the bright pink Dahlias, the vibrant Peonies and more. It’s a view that depicts the life coming back to the city after months of snow and freezing temperatures. You won’t want to miss this spectacular view.


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