Your Winter Destination Get Better with a Scenic Helicopter Trip

Not everyone gets to see a “winter wonderland”. If you live in New York and need to experience it differently, we suggest a scenic helicopter trip to a winter destination. The snow will look beautiful from your new bird’s eye perspective. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the weather like you may not have before.


Your Winter Destination: Mohonk Mountain House

Dreaming of an award-winning spa with an array of activities? This castle, Mohonk Mountain House, is a relaxing hideaway. Your private flight from Manhattan will afford you amazing views plus get you right on site. It’s available year-round, but we think that a nice coat of white snow makes the place an enchanting place to go. Stay warm in the Tower Room for one night. Then, you can enjoy a 3-meal plan with an elegant dinner and buffet lunch before you depart. Heading back to the real world will be hard, but the experience will be great. Take your SO and cozy up. Don’t forget to take pictures and make snow angels!