We Believe You Can Fly: Wings Air Flight Lessons

Curious about getting yourself behind the controls of a helicopter? Not only do we offer luxurious trips and views of beautiful cities— but we also offer helicopter flight lessons. That’s right, we can get you behind the controls and navigating through the sky. Rack up some hours and let us help you understand the fundamentals of flying.


No Experience Needed: Introductory Flight Lessons

Our flight school does not need you to have any previous experience. First, we begin with an introductory flight lesson. We call this your discovery flight. You’ll cover helicopter controls, safety procedures, and flying techniques. Then, you’ll join a flight instructor for a one-on-one 30 or 60-minute flight around the New York and Connecticut border. Don’t be too distracted by the beautiful views below as you take over controls for the first time.


If you’d like, you can also bring a friend or two for support. Training operations are located in White Plains, NY and conducted solely in the Robinson R44 Raven II model. You’ll be flying a top-rated helicopter as you take your wings and soar.  Did we mention, Flight Lessons make a great holiday gift or giving a Gift Card for a Helicopter Charter/Tour is a great idea.