On-Demand Helicopters: Next Stop, Mountainous Maine

Maine in the winter? Why not? First, as the northernmost state in America, Maine is a formidable place to see. Also, the state is also known for really good, must-have seafood. With our on-demand helicopters, you can charter on over to Maine in just around two hours. That way, if you’re a fan of nature or enjoy sports, you’ll have more daylight for activities. Take your significant other or escape with some friends. Plus, did we mention the great food?


Kennebunk, Maine
First of all, a charter helicopter can take you to the small village town of Kennebunk. Here, you’ll be provided with an intimate look into one of Maine’s cities. Right next to Kennebunkport and the Atlantic Ocean, the town is as rich in history as it is in rolling hills and scenic spaces. Stay at the Hidden Pond Luxury Resort and then indulge in some of the famous lobster that Maine has to offer.


Sunday River Ski Resort
Lastly, when you’re feeling more adventurous, a ski resort will be more up your alley. The views from the helicopter will leave you in awe. The ski resort houses 870 acres of skiable ground and the most slopeside lodging in the east. Take the flight overhead and enjoy New England’s northernmost state.