Anniversary Travel Experience: Escape to a Castle in Upstate New York

There are a lot of proposals happening around this time of year. But, what if you’re already married? You won’t be needing our proposal services. What you might need though, is a romantic getaway for you and your spouse to celebrate an anniversary. With our anniversary travel experience, couples can escape and take the moment to be alone and intimate. Celebrate the love that you have with a hideaway trip to upstate New York.


Buzz Away to Your Hideaway

The views from Mohonk Mountain House are enchanting. Nestled in the Hudson Valley, this “house” is actually a beautiful 1869 Victorian castle. As you look around, you’ll be surrounded by 40,000 acres of forest, in a historic location offering farm-to-table cuisine and an award-winning spa. You can really treat yourself. One of our helicopters will pick you up from Manhattan. Then, we will take you directly onto the property. Consequently, you and your love more time to be together.


The Whole Package

Unwind and distance yourselves from the outside world. Our hideaway package includes a one-night stay in the Tower Room, five-star service, a three-meal plan, as well as a lunch buffet on the day of your departure.  Celebrate with the elegance and relaxation that the Mohonk house has to offer.


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