If You’re a NY Photographer, This is the Best Idea for Aerial Photography

Aerial photography is beautiful—and it’s also hard to come by. If you’re a freelance photographer or simply trying to build on your craft, this is a hard spot to hit for most. But it doesn’t need to be. Take that spontaneous adventure you keep saying you’ll do, and make it into being airborne in NY. You can take a friend or fellow photographer and shoot some of the best aerial scenes in the city.


Helicopter Tour Turned Photoshoot

You can kill two birds with one stone if you tour with us. Getting aerial photos are hard, and if you’re shooting film or digital, these are some of the amazing landscapes and opportunities you don’t want to miss. When people think about booking our tours, it is usually not to pursue a hobby of theirs. But why not use it for that?


Even if you’re a photographer visiting the city, this is a great way to gain exposure and boost your portfolio. Magazines and other editorials are always looking for unique photos to publish. Stand out and make the most of your talent with a new specialty: aerial photography. View the city through your lens and turn your experience into long-lasting art.