Creating an Unforgettable Helicopter In-Air Proposal

The day that you ask the love of your life to marry you can be the most memorable moment of your life. (Short of actually marrying that person!) As such, planning out the proposal can be equal parts exciting and nerve-racking. When should you do it? Where should you do it? What music should be playing? The questions can stack up. However, with a helicopter in-air proposal, you can craft an unforgettable moment that feels as easy as the moment you decided to marry that person.



Flying over NYC (or whichever destination you choose.)

Perhaps it’s the city lights at night or the changing leaves of a Fall day. Either way, these make for a beautiful scenic landscape to set the stage for your proposal. Depending on what you think your lover will enjoy, you can choose the city or country to set the mood of love for your magical moment.


Escaping to a hotel after the helicopter in-air proposal.

If you want to extend the moment to encompass the entire night, you have the option of using the helicopter ride to take you to a luxury travel destination like Castle Hotel and Spa or the Glenmere Mansion where you can propose on-site or celebrate after your helicopter in-air proposal.


At Wings Air Helicopters, we know how important this day can be. That’s why we offer comprehensive packages for your helicopter in-air proposal. Find out more today.