Level Up Your Special Event With a NYC Helicopter Rental

When planning out a special event like a wedding, anniversary, prom, or the like, getting every detail right can be a maddening endeavor. On top of that, trying to make your event one for the books can be pretty overwhelming. With a NYC helicopter rental though, this is an easy feat. By booking a helicopter for a special entrance, exit, or scenic tour at certain locations in the northeast, you can take your special event to a new level.


Entrances and Exits.

Adding this unconventional element to your special event can make all the difference. You may be surprising somebody or simply creating a magical atmosphere at the event. Regardless, booking an NYC helicopter rental can create a truly unforgettable experience. While helicopter landings are not allowed at event venues within the five NYC boroughs, there are many options in nearby areas like New Jersey and Long Island that do allow on-site helicopter entrances and exits.


Scenic Tours.

For small groups or big groups alike, organizing scenic tours will create an experience that is unlike any other. The scenic tour can be the main course or simply a small element of the overall special event. Party-goers won’t be disappointed by the amazing views that an NYC helicopter rental has to offer.


At Wings Air Helicopters, we offer an NYC helicopter rental for all sorts of special events. We can help with anything from weddings to in-air proposals to proms. We not only serve the NYC area but most cities in the American Northeast. Reach out for a quote today!