How To Take Your Luxury Holiday In NYC To The Next Level

Tourism in New York City hit record numbers last year, with over 61 million out-of-town visitors. With so much to do and see in the Big Apple, it really comes as no surprise! Whether it is your first time in NYC or if you consider it a second home, there is always something exciting and different to do, such as seeing the city from above in a Wing’s Air helicopter tour. For those looking to upgrade their trip and turn it into a luxurious holiday, here are some tips to make it a trip you will never forget.


Skip the hostel for genuine comfort
Regardless if your trip to NYC is for a weekend getaway or for a week, one key aspect of making it genuinely luxurious is choosing the right central place to call ‘home’. While there are many hostels and discount hotels available in the big city, make sure you settle on something you are excited about. Spending a little more for a hotel with all the works or a beautiful villa for your trip can really make all the difference, especially when you have busy jam-packed days and and ant to treat yourself to pure comfort when you get home.


See the magical city from the sky
Everyone always says there is so much to see in NYC, so why not opt for a bird’s eye view and truly see it all? Wing’s Air helicopter charter service makes sure you can check off all of the major attractions the city has to offer–in style! Give your feet a break and treat yourself to an experience you will remember forever. If it is your first time in the city, a helicopter ride is the perfect introduction, and if it’s your 100th time, see the city in a completely new light and fall in love all over again.


Choose your dining experiences widely
With any big city, the dining options are always overwhelming. Since New York City is really one of the best locations in the world for fine dining and includes so many different cuisines, you will want to do your homework in advance to make sure you get the very best the city has to offer. Before you depart, look online for some of the options you are interested in and check out reviews of the restaurants that offer them. Narrow the list down based on that and when you’re famished after a long day sight-seeing, you will be so glad to have a handy list of peer-approved locations to check out.New York City is a tourist staple for good reasons: the sights, the food and the limitless options.


To make your experience stand out, upgrade your trip to a luxurious one by choosing the best accommodations, opting for a helicopter ride to see the city in a unique way and making sure to choose the finest restaurants. It will quickly turn into an experience of a lifetime.


Written by Jackie Edwards.