Key Tips On Taking Breathtaking Black and White Aerial Photos

Are you captivated with taking black and white aerial photos? If so, then you’re probably doing the right thing. Aerial photography is a form of art that allows you to see a beautiful perspective on things from above. It’s even more fascinating when these images are taken in black and white. Shooting black and white aerial photos is perfect for anything including architecture, bridges, landmarks and much more. If you want to enhance your aerial photography style with black and white photos, remember these key tips:


Watch Video Clips About Aerial Photography: When you’re looking out for your own style of capturing black and white aerial images, watching related video clips can surely be of help. Doing so will give you some tricks on how to make the most of aerial photography. Besides, it’s just a matter of exploring and learning the basics, and from there, you’re good to go.


Get The Best Camera For Aerial Photography: Well, your camera has something to do with how you’ll take breathtaking black and white aerial photos. Purchase the most suitable camera for aerial photography – and begin your shooting escapades from the sky.


Be In The Right Location: In aerial photography, the location matters. Yes, it’s true. Since your photos are taken from an aerial spot, it’s best to seek out areas which are less populated. Look for wonderful landmarks that you think are perfect for black and white aerial photography.


Check The Patterns: Black and white photos produce special effects that add substance to your aerial view. Because of its versatility and diversity, taking black and white aerial photos is just so fascinating. Not just that! Take note of the pattern images you’re using as these can be something that you can incorporate in your next aerial images. These patterns are essential because of their tonal contrasts that make the photos more eye-catching.


Find The Shades Of Gray: When you’re doing black and white aerial photography, it’s good when you include some shades of gray. Images taken from an aerial view are dull without a variety of tones in there. Having the best spot partnered with the flash of your camera and other highlights are some of the key tips on taking breathtaking black and white aerial photos.


Think Of The Perspective You Want To Shoot: Before getting in the helicopter for your exciting aerial photography adventure, prepare for a wide array of spots you can capture from above. Think of the unique perspective that will be enhanced by using black and white or monochrome effects. When you’re up there, don’t miss any moment and just keep on shooting. Create your own style of shots, and from there, you’ll get the right perspective for your photos. Just shoot the experience, and you’ll eventually understand what you are expecting from your photos.


Make Use Of The Lines and Shapes: Take advantage of the lines, shapes, and contrast in taking black and white aerial photos. Contrasting shades are one of the ingredients in black and white aerial photography. So, get in the helicopter and capture architectural designs and unique buildings, as these will definitely pop out if captured from the sky.


Keep Your Battery and Memory Cards Ready: During aerial photography, and especially while using a helicopter, it’s a must that you’re always ready. Prepare your equipment including your batteries and memory cards. Besides, you do not want to run out with batteries during your shooting right? So, you better equip yourself with these important things so that you’ll not be disturbed while taking breathtaking black and white aerial photos.


Consider The Time Of Your Flight: If your goal is to take the most spectacular black and white aerial photos, consider the time of your flight when using a helicopter. This is crucial especially when you’re adding up the elements of black and white in your aerial images. The weather and the sunlight can also be a factor in your captures. Before you book the helicopter flight or head to the site, be sure that it suits your needs.


Lens Distortion And Lighting: Capturing black and white aerial photos might be difficult if you’re not using the right lighting and lens distortion. Your lighting plays a relevant role in mixing up the monochrome effects. You just have to adjust the contrast, and you’ll get the desired effect that you like. When it comes to lighting, get the right position of the sun so that it will complement your black and white aerial images.


If You’re Not Using A Helicopter, Get The Right Drone: When you’re starting to embrace your passion for aerial photography, do the right thing. Get yourself ready and make the most out of your skills. Considering the advent of new technologies nowadays, taking breathtaking aerial photos is no longer difficult. Getting the right drone to shoot the best aerial photos is the key. You just have to operate it from above, and that’s it, you can capture rare black and white photos from an aerial position. It sounds cool, right? Just make sure to invest in the right drone that captures high-quality images from above.


Establish A Connection With Your Viewers: It’s not just all about taking breathtaking black and white aerial photos, but it’s also about establishing your connection with your viewers. No matter how magnificent your photos are, it’s still useless if your images are unable to connect with your audience.


Don’t Stop Learning! Practice Harder: Yes, you heard it right. There’s so much to enjoy with black and white aerial photography. Don’t stop shooting until you discover your own set of skills. Continue learning at every moment, as photography is a constant learning process. Know the basics, and you’ll work towards mastering the craft.


Any photographer, just like those that capture professional headshots in Chicago, needs to have the necessary passion behind the photos. So, if you consider taking black and white aerial photos a dream come true, live with that dream and strive to continuously learn more and get better. Just remember the above tips, and you’ll find your way towards your own version of creativity.


By Jessica Wynn